Manda Collis

Manda Collis is an entrepreneur and creative based out of Madison, Wisconsin in the United States. She has been working with code since a young age, grew up making creative projects for the web, and now works as a freelancer of many talents. Though most of Manda’s published work has been in the tabletop roleplaying industry, including editing for Fate Worlds: Worlds in Shadow  for Evil Hat Productions and writing for the third edition of Onyx Path’s Exalted core rulebook, her writing for a number of subjects has also been featured on numerous blogs such as Jenn’s Bookshelves, Troll in the Corner, Flames Rising, and more.

When not writing, editing, or seeking out her next big project, Manda enjoys listening to music, learning new languages and skills, and playing video games. You can follow her personal Twitter account (@mandacollis) or blog account (@mandarific) if you’d like to say hello. If you’ve enjoyed some of Manda’s work and would like to contribute to her snack and Steam Sale fund, you can do so right here on PayPal.

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